Top 10 Casinos in Australia

If you live in the better hemisphere or are just planning to visit, there are some things that you should definitely see. And these casinos are a godsend to people who enjoy a bit of gambling.

Best Australian Casinos

Not many things are as popular as gambling in Australia. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for us, the government has decided to close down any and all Australian online casinos by making online gambling illegal.

Luckily, they’re showing no intention of doing the same to these wonderful land-based casinos. And thanks to that, Australia gets to keep boasting about some of the best casinos in the world. These are the best casinos you will find in the Land Down Under.

1. Treasury Casino and Hotel

Treasury Casino and Hotel

In case you are a regular poker player, visiting Treasury Casino will be a real treat for you. This venue put their emphasis on the service they provide to their regular poker players. Every day, starting from 10 am, you will be able to enjoy daily organised tournaments in their spacious Poker Room.

Mix it up with other table choices such as craps, roulette, blackjack, or treasury 21 games. Alternately, just turn to the good old slot games. Their slot selection includes around 1,300 both traditional and electronic machines, offering incredible opportunity to win a huge jackpot.

2. Crown Perth Casino

This Australian gem opened its gates during 1985 and has maintained its popularity ever since. This casino combines both a modern and retro look, making their players feel like they are in a 70s action movie.

The first thing you will notice is that the Crown Perth offers mainly video poker machines, with the exception of 1,500 coin-op game machines featuring video poker, keno, and many others. Moreover, the machines from this venue are famous for offering large progressive jackpots, a lot of paylines, and attractive promotional offers.

Inside this casino, you will find the standard offer of table games: blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, as well as some of the less popular ones, such as pai gow and casino war. It is important to bear in mind that due to the interior design of this venue, the “smart casual” dress code is imposed on players, so dress well and visit this old Australian gem.

3. The Star Gold Coast

The Star Gold Coast

This casino used to go by the name of Jupiters Hotel & Casino, and under that name, they were famous as one of the best Australian casinos to visit. Thanks to the amazing exterior and an even better selection of games, not much has changed since, apart for the name of course.

Experience a new level of sophistication with The Star Gold Casino. Besides its luxurious accommodation, famous bars and relaxing spa sites, The Star Gold Coast offers the excitement of a world-class casino venue. With over 1,600 slot machines and around 70 table games, their game library is filled with old classics, along with the most recent titles.

Their game offer features every table game you want to see in a casino and then some. What is more, you even have the option to join Platinum and Diamond Members of the Star Club — that membership comes with a lot of benefits and special offers.

4. The Star Casino

The only true casino in the NSW that offers both luxurious and affordable accommodation. This casino offers a sophisticated interior, multiple culinary events, and incredible dining options for everyone that comes to visit.

Additionally, the Star Casino features an extensive library of games that are available around the clock. For a large number of players that visit this casino hotel, Texas and Omaha Hold’em are the games of choice, and they organise weekly tournaments for them in separate rooms. Also, during Tuesday and Thursday, they have special bingo events with huge cash prizes.

5. Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

The Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is one of the best places for high-rollers to visit. The classy interior and the lavish suites feature everything you want to see in a high-end casino hotel. Furthermore, you can enjoy a long bath in a Jacuzzi before going down to the casino to start gambling away some of the excess money you came with. Of course, with a bit of luck, you might just get to walk away with a lot more cash in your pockets.

In addition, this casino is famous for providing free live entertainment almost every day. And if you want to hit pokies a bit more, you can enjoy some of over 500 machines that this casino features.

6. Skycity Darwin

If you are looking for a premium hotel that offers some exciting casino games while also allowing you to go for a dip in the ocean every now and then, Skycity Darwin might just be the best place for you. The beach is just a minute away by foot and the hotel has its own private white-sand beach.

But of course, you are here for the gambling area of the Skycity Darwin. And when it comes to that, this casino doesn’t fall short. The slot floor features over 600 machines, and they even have an entire gaming floor for the table-game-loving gamblers.

7. Lasseters Centre of Entertainment

Lasseters Centre

Not all casinos have to be huge to be loved by the average Aussie player. In fact, sometimes it helps that the casino is a bit smaller and doesn’t have a strict dress code. While gambling at Lasseters isn’t as high-class as it is with some of the other entries on this list, you will be hard-pressed to find a casino with a livelier crowd or a more energetic atmosphere.

8. The Darling

The Darling hotel is definitely far from being the biggest casino in Australia. But what it lacks in size, it compensates in the sheer quality of service. Moreover, the casino is gorgeous and offers its patrons a breathtaking experience with every stay.

Playing for real money was never easier than with Darling. Sure, they feature high-limit tables, but they also offer games that have minimum bets that are as low as AUD $5. Finally, they have an incredibly helpful staff that is always nearby and willing to teach you how to play any game in the casino.

9. Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino

Not so long ago, Adelaide Casino would hardly find a place on a list such as this one. However, they have recently decided to invest millions of dollars to refurbish their casino. Thanks to that, they now boast two gaming floors that feature an incredible range of games for you to try out. In fact, they have so many slots that they pay out an average of 15 jackpots every single day.

10. Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra is the very first legal casino to operate in the ACT. And while it’s not as large or as impressive as some of the others on the list, the fact that it remains the only traditional casino in Canberra simply means that you should make sure to visit it if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

In this casino, you can find table games with minimums that are as low as a single dollar. Meaning that even those with just a few bucks to spare can enjoy themselves for several hands. Unfortunately, the casino doesn’t feature any slot games.

On the other hand, it gives its patrons an incredible opportunity to put some money on the line and play an incredibly exciting game of war.


So there you have it, these are the best casinos that someone can gamble in when spending time in the southern hemisphere. If you get the time, you wo

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