How to Pick a Winning Pokie Machine

Australians love to gamble. That is a fact that originates from the time of the first settlers who had to beat the odds, tame the hostile land, and go through many ordeals to create the life they wanted. When I asked my Aussie friend once what was the most beloved casino game in his homeland, he immediately said Pokies.

A Little Bit of History

History of pokies

Reasons for this are clear — “pokies,” or slot games, are fast-paced, intense games, and you can never predict their outcome, which just adds to the excitement. In addition, you can always expect that an incredible jackpot will hit your reels just before the spin ends. How to know when a pokie will pay? Despite the fact that there is still no exact answer to this question, there are still some tips which should help you end up a winner. Here, I am going to give a straight answer to the question of how to win big on a pokie machine.

When the first legal casino opened in the seventies, they offered poker machines to their players. Aussies soon started calling them the “pokies”. It wasn’t long before they started using the same expression for all the gambling machines including slot machines. Slots are definitely one of the most popular and exciting casino games that can offer generous bonuses and incredible jackpots. For these reasons people rush to the slots machines every time they enter a casino. However, there are some myths revolving around gambling on slot machines that need to be busted.

Myth 1

First of all, many people believe that once you hit a huge jackpot on a particular slot machine, your luck will change suddenly and not only that you won’t win anything at the reels but also some tragic events may ensue in the real-life. This myth is based on a truly tragic destiny of Cynthia Jay who won the incredible Megabucks jackpot of almost $35 million in 2000. Several weeks later she survived a horrible car accident that put her in a wheelchair for life. Since this tragic event many gamblers use this horror story as evidence for the claim that once you hit big, your luck will dry out. This story however sad it is has nothing to do with reality. Slots are highly randomized casino games and the outcome. Even though the jackpot win can be a life-changing event, the slot machine cannot determine your destiny.

Myth 2

Another trap gamblers often fall into is that they choose a slot machine that didn’t reward anyone with a jackpot recently because they believe that they will be lucky ones who will break the losing streak. Don’t fall for this superstitious either because no one can tell when the slot machine will begin to pour out jackpots again. Everything about the slot games depends on the RNG and there are only a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Myth 3

Place to Gamble

The last widespread myth claims that once you win a huge jackpot on a particular slot machine you can never repeat the same thing. Elmer Sherwin was an extremely lucky player who successfully busted this fiction story by winning the jackpot at the same slot machine twice, the first time in 1989 and the second time in 2005.

You can choose to believe that he picked the winning pokie machine, or you can just see it as an incredible hit of luck., the choice is yours. I will try to give you some advice that will help you win big on the pokie machines in the future.

Choose a Reputable Place to Gamble At

First of all, find a respectable online casino with a wide range of different slot games in their offer. This task shouldn’t be that hard because most of the great gambling sites make sure that they have an enviable online slot selection, ranging from the classic three-reel slots to the ultra-modern 3D slots that interact with players during the game.

Furthermore, you should always try to find what the casino’s RTP rate on a slot machine is. ”Return to player” is a percentage a slot machine or some other casino game is going to pay out to a gambler after some time. Although casinos rarely give out this information, you can look for this info on various sites related to online gambling. Slot machines that offer 95% RTP are solid ones that won’t leave you broke after only a few spins.

However, we still have to deal with the respectability issue. When you land on a website with an astonishing pokies offer, look for a seal of approval from a regulatory body that guarantees the games are run on tested and reliable RNG (random number generator). That is the only way to be sure that the game is fair and safe to play.

Finally, now that we’ve handled the question of trust, let’s see how to beat the odds and win big at a pokie machine.

Get Familiar with the Basics

Online slots are easy-to-play, exciting games that don’t require any complex strategy or prior gambling experience. You just need to hit the “Spin” button and wait for luck to strike, right? Not quite. Even though pokie machines don’t require you to be a seasoned gambler or to have a strategy, you certainly need to know the basics before you start spinning the reels. And the perfect way to get to know the game is to spend some time playing for fun. Hence, most online casinos offer free trial games to gamblers where they can get familiar with the wild and scatter symbols, as well as the combinations that will bring them incredible winnings. You should always use this option before picking an attractive slot to try your luck with real money on.

On the other hand, before you start your spinning adventure, two things are essential for your performance and can make you or break you when playing slots. You need to choose the coin value and choose the number of paylines you wish to bet on. These steps are important for you to know well. The coin value may range from $0.01 to $5, and you can spread them on the reels however you like, to increase your chances of getting a winning combination. In addition, while classic slots have five paylines, most modern, up-to-date pokies may offer anything up to an astonishing 100 paylines. And the more paylines there are in a game, the better the odds are that a winning combination of symbols appears on them during a game. Consequently, one of the most popular ways of playing the game is to start with a small coin value while activating all the paylines offered. This kind of play will certainly increase your odds, while at the same time, it won’t empty your bankroll after only a few spins.

What is more, you have to be patient and dedicate some time to playing if you want to win any significant amount of money. That is why this kind of rational distribution of small value coins will ensure you more spins than playing a max bet game from the start, chasing a jackpot, and breaking your bankroll before you know it.

There are numerous myths revolving around pokies, like the one saying that once you hit your first jackpot, your luck will change for the better. This belief is a hook for gullible fools, so don’t fall for it. Slots are highly randomized games, and you can never predict their outcome. You may indeed hit the jackpot at any time, but you may also end up losing all of your money if you don’t. So if you’re having a bad run, just quit the game and leave. Otherwise, you are going to end up completely broke.

Pick a Winning Strategy

Now let’s go back to winning. If you want to win big at online pokies, chose slots with numerous paylines, like the widely popular Video slots that also offer generous rewards and special games within games or even special bonus features that can increase your balance considerably. Start playing with medium value coins and be sure to spread them over every payline. For example, if a coin value ranges from $0.01 to $5, you should start playing with $2.5–$3 coins. And once you start winning, double the number of your coins so that your winnings are doubled each time a certain combination, including the wild symbol, hits the reel. The dream of every gambler that hits the ”spin” button is to hit the combination of symbols that would bring them a jackpot. However, most of the slot games require players to place a max bet to be able to chase the jackpot. So if you’re up to it, fill up your bankroll, arm yourself with patience, and start spinning, and the jackpot will come eventually.

Furthermore, a large number of online pokies also offer progressive jackpots to gamblers. These jackpots can turn you into a millionaire in a second, but they are highly random, and they always appear at the end of the round. So if you decide to remain persistent in spinning, maybe you too will be one of the lucky ones.

Take Care of Your Bankroll

Take Care of Bankroll

In the end, I have to mention your bankroll once again. The whole point of playing online slots is to win money, not to stay without it. Having that in mind, you have to determine the exact amount of money you’re willing to spend and stick to it no matter what. Moreover, you should always choose slots that suit your bankroll and start with a small coin value before you see how the game will evolve.

All in all, a pokies game may seem an easy one to play online, and that is quite true to some extent. But they may also leave you empty-handed before you know it. So in order to avoid this, follow these simple tips, and you will soon find an interesting pokie machine that will fill your pockets and provide you with unforgettable gambling experience. And in the end, just remember to always play responsibly.

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