Can I Win Real Money on Online Pokies?

Real Money on Online Pokies

Why Poke the Bear?

Everybody has a chance to win at pokies. That’s the beauty of them. But don’t opt to play pokies online unless you have some serious time on your hands.

At the click of a button, the reels spin and you hold your breath, waiting and hoping that they will stop at the winning combination. Usually, there are more ways of winning than by just combining the various symbols on the reels — most online casinos offer Wilds and Scatters.

Wild symbols are like Joker cards and can act as a substitute for any other symbol you are lacking for a win. Scatter symbols are the ones that can trigger bonus features (usually free spins) without the reels needing to align.

Pokies are among the most popular online casino games and you can now play pokies online for real money. There’s video poker, various table games and, of course, everyone’s favourite — pokies. Nowadays, online gaming is getting more popular, as you can have all the fun while sitting in your Budgie Smugglers at home. And there will be no neon lights, stunning women and all the razzle-dazzle of land-based casinos to distract you from your mission — to win big!

The game can be a bit of a bludger because you’re clicking the button and hoping the symbols on the reels align. But each new spin could be the start of a new, rich life…

So, can you win real money at pokies?

When it comes to making money at pokies, keep in mind that only the wheel of fortune turning in your favour will make you a winner. However, you can also look at it as a game of endurance — if you’ve got the patience and you’ve got the information about the casino you’re playing at, you can perhaps up your chances. Read on to see how!

Choose the Best RTP

Firstly, if you do not already know what an RTP is — step away from that pokie!

It’s basic knowledge and, well, you can play without knowing this fact, but you’d be damned if you do.

The RTP stands for Return-To-Player and it refers to the number of wagers that are returned to the player by a particular pokie.

For instance:

If you choose a game with an RTP of 90%, it does not mean that you can expect $0.90 for every $1 you invest. On the contrary, RTP is a long-term calculation. In essence, it calculates how much a machine is going to return in the long run, over the entire course of its existence.

The RTP usually ranges between 92 to 97%, with the better ones being 96% or higher. You can access this information on the site or just look up the information for that specific pokie online.

So don’t be a rookie, do your homework, player!

Make Sure They Use RNG

Don’t know what this is, either?

Once again, step away from that pokie machine!

Make sure that your online provider is using an RNG (also known as a Random Number Generator). This piece of technology is what allows the game to be fair and square, so make sure the platform you’re playing on is a legitimate one. This is one way to be sure of that.

Using RNG

How Volatile Is Too Volatile?

What you want to check for is the volatility of the pokie. This is the level of risk and reward when you play.

In plain Aussie, we mean this — high risk, high reward; low risk, low reward.

The catch?

Well, when a slot is highly volatile, it means that the payout is higher, but it seldom comes along. You have to be willing and able to hold out for it, and invest more, which is a high risk. We’re talking hours upon hours invested. Needless to say, you should have sufficient funds prepared before you start playing.

Also, a comfy chair; that helps.

Really, you should have a full out strategy for this, for your own peace of mind and bodily comfort.

If you want to go volatile, then chook some frogs on the barbie, get your stubby holder, and grab a snag to chew on — basically, prepare for a long wait. In the lines of “Winter is coming,” really it’s like building up to it and then waiting 8 seasons until it finally delivers. Although, winning big at pokies is arguably more satisfying than the culmination of that show we just referred to.

So, come prepared (bring a snubby and a sanger at least) because you can’t just shoot through a highly volatile game. It’s a bit iffy. And it’s a time investment; be prepared to be rooted (and not in a good way).

But when you win… It’s a ripper!

Now, you see where low volatility comes in. If you’re not fond of risks or just don’t have enough tucker on hand for the long wait, you might want to opt for these. Low volatility means the rewards are lower but more frequent.

Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for either the one or the other. Just remember two things — you’re playing for real money and low volatility winnings aren’t really Chrissie level, more like Boxing day… But there’s always someone who prefers Boxing day, right!

Use Bonuses to Your Advantage


Trends show that fee pokies are played 100 times more often than real money pokies are. This is a safe way to try out the game before you really up the ante. Real money pokies stimulate the adrenaline more than free games ever could.

No-Deposit Bonuses

A way to play for free at first and get a chance to earn money is to use the no-deposit bonus some online casinos offer. This is usually a small bonus (up to $10) that the player gets from the online casino once they register.

This is free money — sort of. What it means is that you do receive money on your account that you can then use for gambling. The trick is that you can’t just take it with you — you must play through with it. In the end, you might not get to keep that no-deposit bonus amount (it stays with the casino, and this is known as a “sticky bonus”). But once you win real cash using this bonus feature, they might as well keep it! All that matters is that you still get yours.

Use Free Spins to Your Advantage

A Free Spin is normally activated when the symbols align in a winning combination on the reels. The best part of Free Spins is the “free” part — you get to play more without doling out any extra cash.

Some of them activate as soon as you start playing; others can be activated over time. For example, regular players will be further enticed with weekly or monthly incentives. Depending on the provider, there may even be special mobile pokie Free Spin options on your mobile devices.

Do take the time to skim through the Terms and Conditions page so you know what Free Spins are and how they are activated (and when), thus carefully considering your options.

Random and Progressive Pokies


Keep an eye out for progressive jackpots.

This is where the prize pool grows progressively as each bet from every player adds up. So, not just you, every player playing that same pokie. Depending on the day, this can amount to a lot of money. Keep in mind, these are not triggered often. It would really have to be your lucky day!

So, progressive jackpots are just as random as the random ones, in the sense that they are randomly triggered. However, the Random pokie jackpot will be triggered more often than the Progressive one, but with a lower payout than their Progressive counterpart.

Can you see a parallel between low and high volatility? We surely do.

Just pick the jackpot that matches your temperament, and you’re good to go!

Get a Membership

If you’re bloody serious with this, you might as well invest in a membership. Many online pokies offer VIP clubs you can join. Other True Blue pokie players will tell you that the only technical “disadvantage” of this is the extra tantalization to play even more. But if that’s the plan to begin with, then it’s really worth it to exploit all the options.

Online casinos will offer a variety of rewards to those who’ve joined the club. This can range from free spins to accumulate points you can exchange for cash rewards. Depending on the site, you may even get exciting gift packages or become eligible for a holiday trip!

If you intend to be a virtual “frequent flier,” this might just be the scheme for you.

Again, as always, read about the reward program carefully, so that you can pick up the best possible option for you.

Some Final Thoughts

So, can you win real money on pokies? Yes, you can. The real question is — will you?

If you follow the tips from this text, you will up your chances. If you read the Terms and Conditions, use your free spins and bonuses wisely; with a lot of luck and patience, your turn will come.

Bear in mind though, this is a Shiela you don’t take home to meet your mother. In other words, most people don’t (and shouldn’t) invest that much time in online slot machines. If you treat it like a “side chick” and just leave when you get your fill, you’ll keep what you’ve won and you’ll  be out without a scratch.

Hooroo to you, and good luck!

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